the beginning

With the Wolf’s Den, there is a personal connection to its surrounding community. Our goal is to keep San Bernardino on an upward path, and to give the people of the community the option to train differently, where it would be otherwise unavailable in this area. Owner Diego Bressant began training people 6 years ago at Moore Middle School with his only resources being the obstacles he built himself, that he would have to lug around and set up, wherever he chose to train. As soon as he was able to purchase the equipment to set up a rig and mini obstacle course, his training moved to the backyard. This was where the Wolf’s Den was born. Inspired by his 4 Husky companions, Diego dubbed this new place of training “The Wolf’s Den”. A small community of athletes and friends was built here. The Wolf’s Den is overjoyed to now have a facility where we can full-fill the needs of more athletes, and bring a fun and fresh new way of training to the community of the Inland Empire. The goal remains the same: to continue to change every “I can’t” into “I can’t believe I did that.”

American Ninja Warrior

Competing on ANW was a dream of Diego's for many years before it actually happened. This night would be the beginning of an amazing journey to getting The Wolf's Den. That night would spark a drive to getting better at all obstacles. 

To get on ANW, you must compete their online application and submit a video. Diego applied every season after season 9. Fortunately they never called back. This was a blessing in disguise. Never getting the call back put a chip on Diego's shoulder that pushed him to work harder. 

The wolf's den origin

Driving to Moore Middle School was taking too much time. Finally, Diego invested thousands to build a custom rig. This was the design he drew up with a fabricating company. All the money donated was 100% put back into the gym. 199 people came and trained in his backyard. Classes were offered for kids and adults. Many of the original members from the backyard are still members today. They are the main reason we are at Impact Sports Complex. Thank you to all of those people. The atmosphere was hot! The California Summer was not kind. People worked all around the weather to come in. Ninjas from the show American Ninja Warrior came to train as well.

One of the best parts of the backyard was playing with the dogs. Rogue and Gambit would make sure to show everyone love with their licks.

the Wolf's den today

Currently we have over 300 active members part of Team Wolf's Den. The goal stays the same by helping our community get healthy. Our facility allows for athletes to train in a safe environment. Our atheletes range from American Ninja Warriors, OCR champions, Parkour champions, Gymnastic champions and Knife throwing champions. 

Our bond as a team is STRONG! Come be part of a truly amazing community. The way we push each other is special. No matter what your fitness level is, we have something for you. See what skills you can unlock.



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